Mixing Music: The Complete Process

Mixing is one of the most important parts of music production. If done properly, it will have a huge impact on your music.

However, mixing can also be very complicated. There is no right or wrong way to mix a song, and with countless effects, tips, and tricks to mix your music, mixing can quickly become an overwhelming task.

Luckily, with the proper system, mixing doesn’t have to be difficult. In reality, you can learn to do it yourself, and you don’t have to have expensive plugins or gear, either!

In this video, you will learn the complete process of mixing, including:

  • The three goals of every mix
  • How to prepare your tracks for maximum mixing efficiency
  • How to use things like volume, EQ, compression, panning, and reverb to get great mixes
  • How to test your mix and know exactly when it’s done

Watch The Video:

Whenever you mix a song, it’s important to have a process.

To make mixing easy for you, I want to give you my Mix Checklist – a detailed guide that goes through all of the steps that I follow to create great mixes in my home studio.

Download your free copy today, and instantly take your mixes to the next level!

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