Mix Translation: Why Your Mixes Sound Bad In Your Car, On Your Phone, And Everywhere Else Outside Your Home Studio

Has this ever happened to you?

You’ve been working hard on your latest mix, and you’ve gotten to the point where it sounds PERFECT in your studio.

You think the mix is finished, so you bounce the song, and go to play it in your car, on your phone, or somewhere else outside of your studio.

You press play, and you hear a completely different song! Maybe the bass is too quiet, or the highs are really harsh, or you’re having a hard time hearing the vocals, or certain instruments completely disappear.

What happened? Your song suddenly sounds completely different than it did in your studio, and the differences are typically not good.

Sound familiar?

What you’re experiencing is a mix translation problem, and it’s an issue that I used to have all the time.

So how do you solve it?

In this video, you’ll learn the simple solution to make your mixes sound great in your studio, in your car, on your phone, and anywhere else you play them.

Another way to get you mixes to translate better is to simply get better at mixing.

If you want to make sure your mixes are as good as possible, I recommend checking out my Mix Checklist.

The checklist will guide you through the entire mixing process, keep you from missing any critical steps, and help you get better mixes in less time.

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The Mix Checklist