Get Big, Explosive Drums In Your Home Studio With Reverb

When you think of professionally recorded and mixed drums, what do you think of? 

For many genres, this means drums that sound lively, punchy, and explosive.

Often times, drums like these were recorded in professional studios with the right kit, the right drummer, the right microphones, and the right room.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t achieve a similar sound in your home studio.

Reverb is a great tool for spicing up your mixes and taking them from an amateur level to a professional level, and it’s particularly useful for transforming your drums.

With reverb, you can take any set of drums, whether they come from sample packs or were recorded in a tiny room, and achieve that same professional studio sound with nothing but your DAW and its stock plugins.

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Reverb is just one of the many ways that you can achieve professional mixes in your home studio.

If you want to apply that level of quality to every part of your mix, then I recommend checking out my Mix Checklist

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