Get Professional Vocal Mixes In Three Simple Steps

What instrument do you usually find most difficult to mix? If you said vocals, then you’re not alone. 

Getting your vocals to sound clean, professional, and positioned just right within the mix can be challenging, but it is very possible to achieve with the right tools and the right knowledge.

In fact, the process of getting professional vocal mixes can often boil down to three simple steps.

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Mixing With Reverb

Reverb is a powerful way to add depth, atmosphere, and variety to your mixes. It can fill out your songs and make them sound more cohesive.

To benefit from reverb, you have to implement it properly. Making your reverb impactful but not overwhelming can be tricky, but having the right process can make it simple. 

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Mixing With Compression

Compression is one of the most powerful tools in your mixing toolbox. Applying it to your mixes is almost always a great way to improve them.

Compression isn’t the easiest effect to use, but having the right approach helps. If you understand the fundamentals and have a clear game plan, leveraging the power of compression is very achievable. 

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How to Gain Stage Your Tracks

Gain staging is often considered to be an important aspect within music production. That may have been true in the past, but it’s not the case anymore.

Within modern software-based music production, gain staging is very simple. Anyone can easily master it, resulting in a more organized and more streamlined mixing process.

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Understanding EQ

Equalization, also known as EQ, is one of the most powerful tools in mixing. If you’re learning to mix music, learning the fundamentals of EQ and how to apply it to your songs is highly beneficial. 

When applied properly, EQ can improve the sound of your tracks, make each instrument fit into the mix better, and add balance and clarity to the entire composition.

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