Hello, and welcome to Sound Accelerator!

My name is Cameron Bloom, and my goal is to help you produce great music.

Music production can be pretty overwhelming, but with 15 years of experience, I know that it’s possible for anyone to make songs that will change their lives.

Not in ten years. Not in five. It can happen much sooner.

At Sound Accelerator, we focus on giving you the tools to master five key areas of music production:

  • Studio Design: build a powerful home studio for cheap
  • Recording: capture live performances with accuracy and clarity
  • Mixing: balance the elements of your songs with precision and power
  • Mastering: polish your tracks to compete online and build your fanbase
  • Performance: master your workflow and get results fast

You don’t have to have a fancy studio, master music theory, or have years of experience to make great music.

All you need is an open mind, the desire to succeed, and the right skills to create the music you’ve always dreamed about.

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Five Steps To Make Professional Quality Songs In Your Home Studio